1. Our prime importance will be giving to the improvement and interest in the reading habits of students. In the next 4 years, the school will improve reading habits of students at all the stages providing access to an updated library and conducting various other innovative programmes like reading competitions and symposiums.
  2. Today’s education system is child centred one. so teachers must be equipped with innovative ideas. Then only we can satisfy the needs and thoughts of the students. So no more chalk and talk method ie, Every class in the school will have a class library and other learning resources for hands-on experiences with in the next few years.
  3. By 2020, We will try our best to achieve 100% literacy in the nearby community utilising school resources.
  4. By next 4 years we assure that our school will be in a higher level in using communicative English. For achieving free flow of using English we provide well equipped language lab. It will enable their study easy, interesting and enjoyable way.
  5. By 2020, our school will achieve plantation of 100 shady plants in the school campus. It creates eco friendly environment to the school.
  6. The school will put up student friendly stress-free, fear-free environment to enhance regularity in students attendance and participation in all levels of learning by 2020.
  7. The last and the most important one is making of the students higher level health profile. By the next 4 years, our school will prepare a higher graph in the health profile of each and every child enrolled in the school register with the help of available govt local health centre facilities.


Quadisiyya English Medium School is a school with a mission and a vision –to develop a community of leaders where all the pupils are made to acquire knowledge, skill and confidence to meet the challenges of an ever-changing and increasingly diverse society. With this preview the school got affiliated to CBSE on Ist April 2014 with code No : 931129. The school has certain aims and objectives to fulfil and serve the society with commitment.