Quadisiyya English Medium School

The Quadisiyya Charitable society has started an English Medium School named Quadisiyya English Medium School following the CBSE Syllabus. The School functions in the place named Thazhuthala village, Mukhathalapost,kollamDistrict, from the academic year 1997-98. Now Classes from standard I to VIII are functioning.

The School is functioning in a rural place where backward class communities as well as scheduled castes who are educationally backward, from the major past of population The parents as well as the rural people residing in the nearby places of the School earnestly desire to get the school affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The school functions in its own building and land in 3 Acres and 36 cents In order to submit application for the Central Board of Secondary Education, the No objection Certificate from the State Govt. is essential.

The school is managed by Quadisiyya Islamic Trust which is registered under the societies Registration Act Q 1253/94. The manage is a Nominee of the trust.

The Quadisiyya Complex comprising of 5 acres of land out of which 3 acres and set apart exclusively for the school with 10 class room, office room, staff room and computer lab and library.

Number of classrooms and superficial and cubic area of each room with the maximum number of pupils likely to be taught in each room. 13 class rooms at present a double storied building with to classroom (5 upstairs and 5 ground level). In this building there is room for staff, office and I.T. computer Lab. Superficial area of each class cubic area of room 36M2 each class room : 144m2 40 pupils class room.

Quadisiyya Islamic complex is one of the distinguished and well established educational complexes seeking new horizons in the field of education, in south Kerala.

At present our school has classes from I to IX with strength of 550 students. The classes ie from I to IX are being conducted in our own building and for the senior secondary classes X to XII building is under construction. In 3 acres land is specially marked for English medium school out of the 5 acres of land available for the complex.